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<< The Wall of Intrigue >>

I love a wall with something to say. For years, in each of the homes I have lived in, it has always been a top priority to have a wall (or two!) that conveys a story. A wall of intrigue should tell a story about you, your life, your interests, and your imagination.  Some might call this a gallery wall, but what I am talking about is more than carefully arranged pictures. A client once told me that her friends have a wall in their home that they call their "Wall of Intrigue". It has stuck with me ever since! This is the perfect name for this kind of wall. It should draw in your guests and allow them to peek beyond the surface of your home.  

The wall of intrigue invites people into your world. It piques their curiosity, provides insight, and inspires a sense of wonder. It is a wall that displays your artistic tastes. 

This idea can be implemented in a number of ways: it can be carefully curated and styled, wild and unconstrained, or even minimal and modern. The wall, like your home, can be ever growing and constantly evolving (my kind of style is that of the slowly built). This wall can contain photography, art, natural elements, or even random knick-knacks. Let it spill off of the wall and onto the floor and shelves... you name it! The point is that it reflects you, a sort of symbolic mirror to your inner workings.

Here are the goods, aka my current favorite inspo images:

For the clutter free/ minimalist: bring a large scale subject off the wall with something sculptural that brings the subject to life.  

For the orderly: I love this idea of a panoramic- choose a place or subject you really love and the same frames to create a view your heart never tires of.  

For the controlled chaos lover: same frames, all black and white, throw a hint of fun in with something out of the formula (the hat in this wall of intrigue).

For the serious art lover with a sense of humor: don't take hanging up the work so seriously, let it be playful and relaxed. 

For the eclectic: different frames, different sizes, let the art guide you to unexpected arrangements.

For folks who just love shelving: use them!!  

For the bohemians: anything goes- unframed canvas, framed works, tapestries,  pieces hung up by clips- let your hair down and have fun! 

For the naturalist: display your collections and your passions! Your guests will want to know all about it.

For the enthusiast: collect and display the subject you love- choose your theme and go wild!  

For the love of it all: don't leave a stone un-turned!  Create your full story of self with a mix of all your passions.

A glimpse into my home and my walls of intrigue.

A glimpse into my home and my walls of intrigue.


Check out my pinterest Board dedicated to the subject << HERE >> for even more inspiration!

(: I wrote my thoughts on each pin, cuz I'm good like that :)

Inspired but don't know where to start?  This is where to I like to begin: pull together all the items/ art/ photography you love and want to group together.  Ask yourself: What do all the items say to you?  What story do you want to tell? Then have fun!!  Start off on the ground and arrange your items in front of the wall you plan on styling (if you have shelving just start filling in the shelves).  Start off with everything and then pare down as desired.  Remember this is a statement wall, be bold, be adventurous, and most importantly... be you.

If you need help with creating your own wall of intrigue, we got you!  Contact us << HERE >> , we live for these projects!


Elsbeth Mumm

Lead Stylist