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<< Thanksgiving table-scapes >>

Thanksgiving is almost here and we are so excited for the holidays! Food comas and lots of wine are some of the best parts of life. We're feeling moody vibes this holiday season with dark table settings, lots of candles, and metallic accents. This is also a very easy way to style your Thanksgiving table-scape in a short amount of time. Throw some gourds and pears on there and you're looking pretty fancy. Get your dose of drama inspiration below.


Some of these inspo-scapes are real fancy! But it doesn't have to be so elaborate, and you for sure do not need to go order all new decor to get your table on point.

Here's a couple little table-scapes we threw together in a jiffy to show y'all some handy options, and ps- the MAJORITY of these items are from thrift stores. It is all about layering items, using what you have, and putting that fall-feeling on to your table. Go pick lots of fall leaves as decor, write on them for name holders, dip them in glitter even! We a huge tarot card fans here so we tried using them as a decor element as well since we already had them on hand. Whether for a small table of 4 or a party of 40+, you can set the stage for your meal in minutes. We are FOR SURE using our Graymarket Design napkins as the cherry on top of our table. (ps... pardon the linen wrinkles! #reallife !!) 


Need more inspo?  Check out our 'Holiday Fab' Pinterest board << HERE >> for endless ideas and eye-candy.

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