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<< In the Land of Milk & Honey >>

! Wedding Editorial featured on Green Wedding Shoes !


Welcome to 'The Land of Milk & Honey', where luxurious beauty and a rock n' roll attitude reside. 

Riots of jewel-toned flowers embrace the rugged, wild oak trees. When the bride walks, her glittering heels crunch the scattered leaves that litter the untamed landscape.  They pause for a deep embrace, their love as thick as honey and as abundant as a never-ending feast. 

Their lover's table is encircled by hovering birds and bees, the most fitting of crowns for their love. The table is laden with a moody palette of decadence; the black candle wax splatters the table with blatant disregard. The lovers' cups runneth over, as they sparkle from head to toe, blazing in raw crystal light. In this land that teeters on the edge of sweet and sexy, where there is no end to love’s enchantment - for the bride and groom who want their cake, and savor it too.  

WHOA!!  Amiright??!  For followers, remember "The Birds & the Bees" piece we created and wrote about a lil' bit ago?  << HERE >>  

We hinted that it was created for a secret shoot - well, this is it!!  We were over the moon when it was published by Green Wedding Shoes, << HERE >> and still can't get over all of the photos from this shoot! GWS chose their favorites to post on their blog, but of course, there were many more, so here's the rest for your viewing pleasure 😃   Make sure to get to the end where there are more details on how this shoot came to be. Now, let's get to the good stuff!!

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RAD video below by Seafoam Films

Here is the story behind the look & the team that put all the magic together!  

"Once upon a time, a dream was developing in the back of two women's minds, waiting for the muse to coax it out.  When photographer Adriane White and stylist Elsbeth Mumm met through friends in Santa Cruz, California, their creative energies set off the spark. There began their collaboration to turning their shared vision into a reality. 
When Adriane and Elsbeth discussed their goals for a wedding editorial, their views lined up perfectly: let the vendors loose to play. They wanted to assemble a team that could independently create something that they'd been wanting to make, but hadn't yet had an opportunity. Their humor, playfulness, and killer taste set the stage for an artistic interpretation of a traditional barn wedding.   
Adriane and Elsbeth made a wish list of other wedding creatives to work with.  When they each said yes, and the overall aesthetics were agreed upon, the the team got to work on showcasing their talents. The team included: Carra Duggan from Flowers by Carra, Shannon Cecil from Seafoam Films, Jillian Wilkey for makeup, and Nadia Markova for hair. Also featured were a gown and accessories from BHLDN, and stationary from Ashley Cunningham of AE Letter Press. Elsbeth from Wild Abandon Design created a beehive dripping heavy with honey from a branch with taxidermy birds swarming around the hive.  A sweet image but with rad and real materials, it served as the backdrop for the sweetheart's table. The enchanting setting was Rancho Soquel in Soquel, CA. For models, the team wanted to use a couple that felt real in this hyper-stylized setting, to ground the editorial back to reality.  They used real life couple, Sarah (Wild Abandon's business boss!) and Keith, to capture genuine moments of love and attraction, with the added bonus model of their adorable dog, Yeti. And for those who need to know - yes, Yeti is full grown. She's an Alaskan Klee Kai, which you need to Google pretty much ASAP.
When the shoot day arrived, it was a dream. A team of bad-ass women got their hustle on and created a new version of what a barn wedding could be."

Pinch us, we still can't believe this is real! But to prove it was a real thing that happened, we have some time lapse footage on our FB page << HERE >>  for you to see. If you enjoy it, be sure to show your support and give us a follow!  BIG shout out to Adrianne Smelko for helping us out on the day, she's a pro!  

Shannon, Adriane, Elsbeth, Sarah, and Jillian at the end of the day!

Shannon, Adrianne Smelko, Adriane, Elsbeth, Sarah, and Jillian at the end of the day! Cheers!

Thank you for going on this journey with us!  Here is a full list of credits of all of the people involved in this project. If you have any questions about making this kind of beauty happen for your wedding/event/life, we are all here to help you with open hearts. 

'The Birds & The Bees' installation piece is available for sale << HERE >> or at Hive & Hum in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Photography - Adriane White Photography ; Styling + Art Installation - Elsbeth Mumm of Wild Abandon Design ; Videography - Seafoam Films ; Floral - Carra Dugan ; Stationary - Ashley Cunningham ; Feather Headpiece - Cindy Clark ; Crystal Tiara - Howling Moon ; Hair - Nadia Markova ; Makeup - Jilian Wilkey ; Groom's Pocket Square - Beth Mastrude ; Bridal Gown + Accessories - BHLDN ; Rings - Chasing Jewelry; Shoes - Nine West ; Linens - GrayMarket Design ; Table Settings - Alexis Party Rental ; Table + Chairs - Patine ; Venue - Rancho Soquel ; Models - Sarah Larkin + Keith Trainor


Wild Abandon Design Team