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A VERY brief update:  Wild Abandon Design has officially moved to Los Angeles!

 We took a brief hiatus during the move, but now we are back and excited for this next step for our business.  We have a few fun things up our sleeves, including an upcoming contest (check up on our Instagram if you don't want to miss it!).  We really appreciate all the love and support we've received during this time, and we're so excited to finally be able to share some details on a project that was completed in Santa Cruz before the big move. Leigh's Surf Rock Room:

Leigh (the client) is cool, laid back, and collaborative, making her a dream to work with.  Leigh and her husband have a great lifestyle: they love adventures, surfing, spending time with friends, and they enjoy taking time at home. Their home has a small bonus room that had served as an impromptu storage space for items with no specific place. The walls were pale pink with a brick-red accent wall and Leigh wanted an upgrade. When we first started on this project, Leigh told me that they had never once used the room, despite it being the first room visible as you enter the house.

Leigh's goal was to transform the space into a designated area where her husband, a musician, could store and play his instruments. They had an extensive band art collection they wanted to display and also wanted an easily accessible spot to store their surfboards when not in use.  The room receives beautiful light and has an ocean view, so we decided to use Santa Cruz itself as the aesthetic. We infused beach vibes, a bit of rock n' roll, and wanted to use sprinkles of jungle green throughout the decor. While the couple had plenty of great furniture to work with, they were also ready to invest in some new pieces to achieve their vision of the surf rock room.

Leigh is a bonafide #girlboss: she flies all over the country for her job, so we did a lot of our communication and design work remotely in order to stay on schedule. When she was available locally, we would schedule as much time in her home as we could for installations and styling. We took our time finding some of the more unique pieces, allowing the room to come together organically. We really thought that their funky coffee table would be replaced, but as the room came together, it fit in so perfectly that it had to stay.  

Since we were already there, we styled & organized the walls in the hallway, giving it a cleaner look with new frames and the addition of a few more photos.


Here's what Leigh had to say about working with Wild Abandon Design:



"Wild Abandon Design was able to turn a room that was once a dark and unwelcoming space into a light-filled, fresh, updated area that pays homage to the laid back surfer/musician in us all.  The room now flows with the rest of the vibe of the house and makes for a welcoming entrance into the home. Best part, they did it by re-purposing much of what we already owned.  Their knack for placement and arrangement is one of the best.  A plant here, a wall hanging there and all of a sudden a coffee table that was once an eye sore before is now a hip, integral part of the room.  What I enjoy most about working with Wild Abandon Design is that they take the time to get to know you, your style, and the spirit of your home.  All those details come out in the project leaving you with something that is uniquely yours." 


Thanks Leigh!  😘

Last we heard, the room was already being enjoyed by friends and family for football games and G.O.T. viewings. Thank you to Leigh for bringing us this special project - we had a blast.

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