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<< Kelly's Magical Dream Canopy >>

Here's the story about the canopy installation we did for our amazing client, Kelly. 

Picture this: a little sweet cottage tucked into redwoods with a gorgeous luscious backyard. When you walk up to the front door you are immediately greeted with llama planters, pig figurines, and an incredible giant brontosaurus that overlooks a succulent-filled dry-riverbed.  The front door-knocker and stained glass even have animals on them! And I am happy to report, friends, that the menagerie has only just begun.  Inside, this home is brilliant and bursting with celebration in the form of animal art, color, texture, pattern, and plants. It is quirky, playful, humorous, and it is hard not to have a huge smile on your face in this space. There is so much to see and love, Kelly is definitely a maximalist after my own heart! Another thing to love about Kelly: she has pet guinea pigs and keeps an outdoor animal pen for them to hang out in, I mean come-on right?!

I first went to Kelly's home to install my sperm whale sculpture that she had purchased (see it here) and was immediately smitten with her home.  I felt like we were kindred {animal} spirits. She was an amazing client to work with.

Kelly had a Feng Shui adviser come into her home at the beginning of the year to help get better energy flowing through the house (as a masseuse, Kelly is all about energy). The Feng Shui specialist recommended that she add a canopy over the bed.  When Kelly contacted me to get this installation underway, I was just brimming with ideas.  There were a few key pieces Kelly wanted to incorporate, including the feather light pendant over the bed and the red Indian toran (pictured on the wall above FUN). As to the rest, she was really open to anything.  




 Kelly is not afraid of color or pattern, but I still wanted the canopy space to allow for relaxation and tranquility. I didn't want it to be so busy that she couldn't fall asleep at night. I also didn't want there to be so much going on that the small bedroom felt even smaller. The canopy needed to feel like a natural part of the room.  

There were a few challenges. The room has just one window and we didn't want any heavy fabric obstructing the natural light. The home was designed to allow heat to evenly distribute in all the rooms, so the walls stop short of the ceiling, leaving a gap. The ceiling also runs at a slant throughout the whole house, so working with these unusual angles demanded some creativity.  I decided to build a lightweight but strong wooden frame, which was sized to her queen bed and hung above from cables.  For the curtains, I chose long gauzy linen & cotton blend curtain panels that allowed for light to pass through. I purchased colorful yarn, gauzy vintage fabrics, a mandala tapestry, in addition to having Kelly gather her own personal treasures that we could integrate. This made it that much-more special and also kept us on budget. She delivered BIG with some rad dream-catchers, feathers, tassels, and little bits and pieces that really added charm to the whole piece.


The finale was a dream boat of a canopy!  I mean, it was really hard for me to get out of this bed. It felt airy, light, and peaceful while still capturing Kelly's vivid gypsy aesthetic.  Kelly tells me that she gets great sleep and even daydreams in her canopy. Thank you Kelly for such a fun project!  

We LOVE projects like this!  If you have an installation idea, styling needs or questions please send us an inquiry HERE!  Thank you!



Elsbeth Mumm

Wild Abandon Design