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<< In the Land of Milk & Honey >>

! Wedding Editorial featured on Green Wedding Shoes !


Welcome to 'The Land of Milk & Honey', where luxurious beauty and a rock n' roll attitude reside. 

Riots of jewel-toned flowers embrace the rugged, wild oak trees. When the bride walks, her glittering heels crunch the scattered leaves that litter the untamed landscape.  They pause for a deep embrace, their love as thick as honey and as abundant as a never-ending feast. 

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Featured Shop Contributer



Hey everyone! Sarah here today, since Elsbeth has been getting ready for her art show on Friday (!!). We hope everyone had a magical Thanksgiving, and we're getting new pieces together for our shop for the month of December. Just a little reminder that we  are donating 10% of all sales to those at Standing Rock from now until the New Year. 

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Vibes of the week


Thanksgiving is almost here and we are so excited for the holidays! Food comas and lots of wine are some of the best parts of life. We're feeling moody vibes this holiday season with dark table settings, lots of candles, and metallic accents. This is also a very easy way to style your Thanksgiving table-scape in a short amount of time. Throw some gourds and pears on there and you're looking pretty fancy. Get your dose of drama inspiration below.

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