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Everyone deserves to live in a space they love.

Surf ROck Room

Home Design

When our client says it best:

"Wild Abandon Design was able to turn a room that was once a dark and unwelcoming space into a light-filled, fresh, updated area that pays homage to the laid back surfer/musician in us all.  The room now flows with the rest of the vibe of the house and makes for a welcoming entrance into the home. Best part, they did it by re-purposing much of what we already owned.  Their knack for placement and arrangement is one of the best.  A plant here, a wall hanging there and all of a sudden a coffee table that was once an eye sore before is now a hip, integral part of the room.  What I enjoy most about working with Wild Abandon Design is that they take the time to get to know you, your style, and the spirit of your home.  All those details come out in the project leaving you with something that is uniquely yours." 


Thanks Leigh!  -XO- 😘


Collaboration Junction

Styled Shoot


Interior stylist and designer, Elsbeth Mumm of Wild Abandon Design and Steven Miller of Sub Folk Collective, teamed up to style Los Angeles artist Brooks Salzwedel's home to create an ‘up-styled’ situation in his 1920s craftsman LA home. Brooks already had an amazing collection of décor and art but just needed that extra touch of arranging and styling to elevate the space.  Miller and Mumm wanted to incorporate as much of Brooks’ own amazing art as possible, as well as bring in other LA artists and local shop's wares to showcase talent within the Highland Park area. They were also careful not to have it end up looking 'too perfect', like no one lived there.  The idea was show artist's work in a styled home for potential buyers to have an easier time visualizing the work in a real home setting. The finished project is a glimpse into the lifestyle of a Los Angeles artist and the California aesthetic.

Photographed by: Jessica Moncrief

NYC-edge, CALI-comfort

Office Design


Hey everyone - this office does crazy good work! Idea Architects, based right here in Santa Cruz, is "a creative book and media agency helping visionaries create a wiser, healthier, and more just world. One book at a time." iA moved into their new office space at the beginning of 2016, requiring that their office be ready to impress and inspire at first glance.  Some challenges: the walls were painted yellow and red (yes, like McDonalds), they had only basic office supplies, a small budget, and a 3-week deadline to turn the space around. 

Voila! It was fast, fun, and truly fitting for all of the inspiring meetings that now take place in this space. 

There's nothing like a good space to incubate good work.

Thank you iA!  Check Idea Architects out: here.  

Mystical Canopy 

Home Installation

When someone asks you to create a colorful, texture-filled floating canopy over their bed, you say yes!  This was such a fun project for an amazing client. 

Kelly was advised by a Feng Shui specialist to create a canopy over her bed. Kelly was open to all kinds of possibilities as she decided to move forward on this recommendation. Elsbeth wanted to use her feather lamp as centerpiece and to incorporate Kelly's youthful and joyous personality into the general aesthetic of the project. Upon request, Kelly gathered a few wonderful items she already owned to incorporate into the piece. See for yourself how great it turned out!  

  Thanks Kelly! Enjoy & sweet dreams!