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Need help making your product shine for your product shots?  Not sure what to do to give your head shots that extra something special?  Want to shoot an editorial that will get all the attention?  We are here to help rock this! Visit out Services page ( here ) for more information!

<< Wedding Editorial >>

This wedding editorial was a huge collaborative effort and as close to the real deal as it could get!  Titled "In the Land of Milk & Honey", this shoot was featured on Green Wedding Shoes <<HERE>> ! Lead stylist Elsbeth Mumm wanted to create a world of moody decadence and rich details.  Elsbeth created the installation piece 'The Bird & The Bees', seen <<HERE>>, that the rest of the styling was focused around as well as executed the color palette, table scape, and collaborated on the bride and groom's attire.  

"Sometimes you get to work with a team that makes the work seem so easy when, in fact, you are all working your hardest because that's just how much you are dedicated to the project and each other. This was a project that had a lot of work, heart, and soul poured into it, everyone brought their A-game, but we also had one hell of a great time along the way." -Elsbeth Mumm, Lead Stylist

The end result was a breathtaking look into a luxuriously rad wedding.  For a closer look and more pictures on this editorial check out our blog <<HERE>> .  

Many thanks to this whole team! -XO-