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Interior Design

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Consulting: From your initial consultation for any job, to getting a professional opinion on furniture, styling or even paint colors, this is how we create the foundation for working together or set you on your way for DIY interior work. We do room-by-room, case-by-case consulting for design services and installations.

Styling: We at WA Design specialize in interior styling. Want #wallgoals? The perfect #shelfie? We can do those small jobs to larger rooms or entire home-styling. From working with what you already have, pulling from our own trove of treasures or going shopping to hunt for the perfect items just for you - we do full-service styling, residential and commercial. On our back-end, styling services generally include the creation of style boards, a style profile, shopping/item lists and detailed invoices and time logs from our team.

Buying: Lead Stylist Elsbeth Mumm happens to be a master treasure hunter. From unearthing pieces at flea markets, to utilizing her relationships with many local shop proprietors, to scouring the internet for your perfect item, there's no one better to have working for you in finding what you need. Elsbeth has years of experience and an expert eye in locating items of value, at a fraction of the cost.

E-Styling: E-styling is completely tailored to each client and is a great option for those on a budget. Simply email us at info@wildabandon.design or use the contact form to get the conversation going! All general inquiries are welcome. Simply send photos of the space, measurements and let us know what your heart desires! Feel free to send along photos of spaces that you love if you are more visual. This service includes Concept Boards, Space Planning, Instructions and a list of Recommended Items. We will send you direct links to the items you are interested in or can coordinate ordering and delivery on your behalf. These services are a-la-carte depending on your needs and are not charged by the hour.

Pricing: We like to work collaboratively to find what will work for your budget, but as a general rule we charge $80/per hour. 


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Custom Creations:  Owner & Lead Stylist Elsbeth Mumm is an accomplished artist and former art director, who has worked with clients to create custom canopies (*so magical*), custom wall decor, illustrations, sculpture and more. Have an idea in mind?  Something specific you need to add the cherry-on-top to your space or event?  We can make magic happen!  What are you dreaming of?

We work with any deadline, creations large and small. We have a great network of vendors and artisans that we collaborate with.

We create installation pieces for homes, offices, store-fronts and events alike. We are also available for styled editorial photoshoots as well! To view our portfolio, click here

Pricing: Every installation is different, budgets vary, adjustments are made-  Let's talk and make your tailored pricing structure.